At the helm of the business, and also its namesake is Georgie who has more than 15 years in the food industry. Georgie undertook her apprenticeship in Williamstown in Melbourne Victoria, before moving around the state to further her experience in various restaurants, hotels and cafes before deciding to settle and start a family in her hometown of Hamilton.

After marrying Guy it was now the right time to start a family. In 2006 Ella was born, followed by Joshy in 2008 and then the twins Abbey and Molly in 2010. After a very busy 8 years bringing up the children whilst working part time in a few different hospitality venues it was time to bite the bullet and head out on her own and to pursue her dream of her own business. Thus, in 2014 Candied Lime Catering by Georgie Sevior was officially born.

Growing up in Hamilton, Georgie has always had a deep burgeoning passion for food, and a desire to carve out not only a career, but also a life in this field. It was with food she could meld her creativity and presentation skills with her desire to create remarkable flavours when “catering to you”, the individual.

Today, at Candied Lime Catering Georgie and her staff head up a passionate and dedicated team that continually strive to deliver excellence and innovation to all of their clients needs.